12oz Bag of Ground Coffee

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Product Overview

Our flavored coffees are offered in 2 different styles of bag. Style A is a black and white design that will look good in any cafe. Style B is more colorful and has the same sophisticated elegance as our 1.5 oz Perfect Potful® packets.

  • Sold in cases of 4-12 oz. nitrogen-flushed valve bags.
  • Immediately after roasting, the coffee is heat sealed into nitrogen-flushed bags.
  • This process forces nitrogen into the package, replacing the oxygen that would otherwise quickly age the coffee.
  • Each bag comes with an attached tin tie closure to roll down and seal the bag after each use.
  • Available in both whole bean and ground.
  • Whole bean has a 1 year shelf life, while ground has a 6 month shelf life.
  • Each bag has a one way de-gassing valve which allows the coffee to de-gas, but prevents exposure to oxygen. 

All of our coffee is roasted daily on our eco-friendly Loring Smart Roaster. This roaster digitally stores each roast profile so our coffee stays consistent. We start with our South American beans then flavor and hand mix to make sure each bean is fully coated to give you a delicious cup with great aroma and outstanding smooth taste. The extracts used to flavor the beans are a combination of both natural and artificial flavorings. Combining these two types of flavorings brings the best of both to Coffee Masters flavored coffees; resulting in a wonderfully enhanced natural aroma and flavor that will remain with the coffee for a long time.  Best of all, our flavoring extracts contain no sweeteners, sugars or calories and are gluten free.?