About Rosie's Collection

Rosie's Collection mission is to transform women's lives by making them feel comfortable with themselves, through their outward appearance, so that it might permeate inward, to build their self-esteem, so they might reach their highest dreams and potential.

The Company's primary product is Rosie's Collection: Rosie's Collection carries high-end women's apparel and accessories. Our products are unique statement pieces. Our goal is for a woman wearing any of our pieces to stand out, and always receive compliments. The collection will represent classic designs from up and coming and brand name designers with unique style. The company's wardrobe units will be coordinates that can be mixed and matched to expand a customer's wardrobe. A 3-5-piece wardrobe can be expanded to up to 20 outfits, just by changing the accessories or mix and match color. We will tailor our inventory to meet the specific needs of our clientele. We will focus on our styles, colors and fits to flatter every lady and meeting the needs of her figure will be our specialty. A wardrobe stylist will be available to all customers on site.

Our goal is to provide the customer with the best customer service, and help them to become the best they can possibly be, in every sense that matters! Rosie's Collection's goal is to bring rising and well-known designers to the community at affordable prices.

Who's Rosie? Rosie is the childhood teddy bear of the owner. The bright red corduroy teddy bear has been with her through good times and bad since 9th grade. Although the rose on her headband is a little tattered and a leg has been reattached multiple times, she still remains strong and dependable. She puts a smile on everyone's face, comforts those in need and reminds you of your childhood whimsical carefree days. Rosie stands as a figure of strength, dependability, color, style, classic, fun, and whimsy.