Cocoa Amore® Hot Chocolate

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Often imitated but never duplicated! Cocoa Amore® is the original and most decadent instant cocoa on the market, today! Each cup of Cocoa Amore® has a rich, creamy top note with strong lingering chocolate flavor. Just add water to each 1.25 oz packet to make a 6 oz drink you will never forget.

Cocoa Amore® Cocoa-nut - Our Cocoa-nut flavor is a creamy, milk chocolate cocoa mixed with freshly shaved coconut.

Cocoa Amore® Caramel - The gooey, sweetness of buttery caramel blended together with rich milk chocolate cocoa.

Cocoa Amore® Creme Brulee - Taste the custard and the caramel in every sip of this traditional dessert drink!

Cocoa Amore® Raspberry - Rich creamy cocoa, tinged with a light raspberry flavor.

Cocoa Amore® S'mores - Rich, creamy graham cracker cocoa mixed with real marshmallows.

Cocoa Amore® Supreme - Our Supreme flavor is just that: Supreme. The original, straight chocolate flavor that is rich, creamy, and satisfying - everything a cocoa should be!