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Our mustards are terrific as glazes for poultry, meat and fish. They are wonderful as dips for pretzels and vegetables or as sandwich spreads.

Big Easy Cajun Mustard -The spicy slightly sweet hot Cajun mustard takes you straight to New Orleans' French Quarter. Adds zest to chicken, pork or beef. Spread over your favorite sandwich and enjoy. - GLUTEN-FREE

Port Wine Cherry Mustard - The scrumptious taste of port wine and cherries makes a wonderful glaze. Terrific as a dip for pretzels or as a sandwich spread. - GLUTEN-FREE

Roasted Red Pepper and Garlic -

The blended sweetness of roasted red pepper and oven roasted garlic is a great complement to chicken and beef dishes. Use as a marinade for pork and chicken. Adds zest to potato salad. - GLUTEN-FREE

Bourbon Bacon Mustard-

A sweet, salty smoky mustard with the flavors of bourbon, maple syrup and bacon. Fabulous on sandwiches and burgers. Serve over smoked sausages off the grill or on a chicken club sandwich. - GLUTEN-FREE

Cranberry Honey Mustard " Gluten-Free"

Cranberries & honey blended together create a fabulous pretzel dip or a sauce for poultry & meat dishes. Makes for a fabulous sandwich spread.

Caramelized Onion Mustard "Gluten-Free"

Smokey Onion Mustard - Magnificent slathered on your hot dogs and hamburgers or your favorite deli sandwich. You’ll want to devour this caramelized mustard with its rich and robust flavor. Delicious served with chicken or pork.

A burger and brat lover's dream. Natural smoke flavor & crisp onions create a specialty mustard you will want to try on everything. Add a pinch of interest to your chicken salad or deviled egg recipes. Vegan. Oil-Free. Dairy-Free. Low Carb. Low Sugar. Keto-Friendly. Simple Ingredients * Intense Flavors. RECIPE IDEAS: Smokey Onion Crusted Salmon Easy Keto Pretzels with Dip Cubano Pizza with Smokey Onion Mustard Smokey Onion Deviled Eggs Smokey Onion Open Faced Cheddar Tomato Sandwich. Made in United States of America

Peach Honey Mustard - Peaches and honey are the perfect pair for this incredible honey mustard gourmet. Wonderful as a condiment on a ham sandwich or on grilled chicken or pork. Fabulous poured on a goat cheese log. Open and serve right out of the jar with pretzels or pita chips. Gluten-Free. Dairy-Free. Simple Ingredients * Intense Flavors. RECIPE IDEAS: Easy Keto Pretzels with Dip Peach Honey Mustard Pecan Log Pork Tenderloin with Peach Honey Mustard Grilled Honey Mustard Chicken with Georgia Pecans Cheddar, Bacon Burger with Peach Honey Mustard Cheddar, Bacon Burger with Peach Honey Mustard.

Champagne Garlic Mustard - The robust flavor of garlic, mellow champagne, and sweet and tangy honey mustard are the perfect combination for tasty and versatile mustard. Perfect pork loin or grilled chicken glaze. Add to sauces and vinaigrettes. Fantastic for coleslaw. Delicious on sandwiches or with cheeses. Gluten-Free. Keto. Low Carb. Low Sugar. Dairy-Free. Simple Ingredients * Intense Flavors. RECIPE IDEAS: Cracker Crust Chicken Fingers with Champagne Garlic Honey Mustard Champagne Garlic Honey Mustard Chicken Champagne Garlic Burger Easy Peasy Pretzel Knots. Made in United States of America.

Smokey Maple Bacon Mustard - Maple flavor and smokey bacon are added to bold and spicy mustard creating a unique and extraordinary condiment. Glaze chicken, ham, or pork with this sweet and tangy mustard. Dip pretzels for a tasty snack. Gluten-Free Simple Ingredients * Intense Flavors. RECIPE IDEAS: Air Fryer Smokey Maple Bacon Pork Chops. Made in United States of America