Perfect Potfuls - Regular Coffee

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Almond Amaretto - Smooth liqueur with almond pieces.

Sumatra Mandheling - Heavy bodied, low acid level with a nutty flavor.

Dark Chocolate Decadence - The ultimate flavor for chocolate lovers; dark, rich, intense, decadent!

Caramel Kiss - This Arabica coffee is flavored with the creamy, toasty, buttery rich flavor of caramel.

Turtle Sundae - Ultra rich chocolate, smooth caramel and toasted pecans.

Chocolate Crème Brulee - Caramelized vanilla custard with a hint of chocolate.

B-52 - The perfect combination of Amaretto, Irish Crème and Kahlua infused with our finest Arabica coffee, makes this coffee amazing! Contains no alcohol.

Jamaican Me Crazy -  An island blend of coffee liqueur, caramel and vanilla.

Royal House Blend - A truly royal blend of our finest South and Central American beans, producing a cup with medium body and deep flavor that has a delicate aroma and a smooth finish.

Mudslide - Patterned after the famous liquor based fudge-y milk chocolate after-dinner drink. Contains no alcohol.

Chocolate Raspberry - Rich, creamy chocolate and the juicy taste of ripened raspberry.