Phannie's Boozy Jams and Jellies

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Phannie's offers a wide array of boozy Jams and jellies that will delight any palette from sweet to savory! Small batches are producted. Who wouldn't want to upgrade their jam to an all natural boozy jam? Offer a delicious meat and cheese platter featuring Phannie's amazing Raspberry Chambord or widowmaker pepper jelly! 


Raspberry Chambord - 

Organic Raspberries, fresh lemon re-defined with Chambord, (rasberry liquor)...great with toast, or on a meat and cheese platter with thinly sliced prosciutto ham, rustic crackers and a local cheddar or goat cheese. Use as a salad dressing! 1 tablespoon of jam, rice vinegar, olive oil whip until perfect. 

Hot Shot Whiskey Pepper Jam -

Local spicy peppers twisted with fireball whiskey! Great on hot dogs, turkey sandwich or combine with our Pina Colada boozy jam and toss chicken wings in the glaze. Either grill or bake! 

Organic Blackberry and Bourbon -


Widowmaker Challenge Pepper Jam -

We are so excited to offer our limited supply of our scorcha pepper jam featuring carolina reaper, blut jolakai, viper, devil’s tongue, thai, jalapeno, habernero, serrano, pablano secret spices, twisted with fireball whiskey. 

Sangria appetizer jelly -

Sangria appetizer jelly my secret sangria  recipe. Created to serve with rustic crackers spread sangria jelly top with goat cheese or your favorite soft cheese, chevre, etc. top with a sprig of chive! Deliciosa! 

Sweet Red Wine Jelly - 

Sweet Red Wine Appetizer Jelly. Gorgeous on a flaky white fish or as a salad dressing. Add one tblespn to white vinegar and olive oil and whisp until smooth. Very unique and elegant. 

Cranberry Moscato Champagne Jelly - 

Host your next party with this scrumptious bubbly appetizer jelly. Spread on a rustic cracker, goat cheese and top with chive. OR…