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Our 3.5 oz. Mini Masons are a smaller version of our mason jars. They contain the same special blend of Soy/Paraffin, and the same amazing scents. They are great for smaller rooms.

Strawberry Melon - A refreshing combination of fresh strawberries and sliced melons!

Butterscotch Bourbon - You'll need to smell this one to believe it! A specialized blend of caramelized butterscotch, melted butter and a splash of bourbon in our tried & true soy/paraffin wax blend. Up to 30 hour burn time.

Smoky Spiced Pumpkin - We created this one for those pumpkin fanatics out there, and we know there are plenty of you! Harvest pumpkin blended with nutmeg, sugar, cinnamon and little bit of smoke. Soy/paraffin wax blend.

Snickerdoodle - Our Snickerdoodle candle has the exact same scent as fresh baked snickerdoodle cookies straight out of the oven.

Fresh Peach - Like walking in a peach orchard!

Grandma's Kitchen - Wonderful blend of all the spices you would find in your grandmother's kitchen!

Banana Nut Bread - No description needed. This candle smells exactly like fresh baked banana bread.

Macintosh Apple - Crisp and refreshing! Our Macintosh apple is perfect for the fall, but it's popularity keeps it on the roster year round.

Butter Cream - The aroma of this candle is warm, hearty and sure to be stronger than any other Buttercream candle you will find out there.

Lavender Vanilla - A wonderful blend of Vanilla and Lavender. Our odor eliminating candles use a technology that actually breaks down the "bad smelling" molecules, instead of just covering up the bad odor.

Vanilla Waffle Cone - It's true that we are known for our delicious, mouth watering, food scented candles. Well, here's another one for you, and it's unbelievably decadent. Just wait until you try this one out. Nostalgic old style ice cream parlors spring to mind

Smoke Eliminator - House smell too smoky from your roommates or previous tenants? The sharp, clean and overpoweringly fresh smell of Smoke Eliminator will destroy those nasty, evil smells!

Fresh Linen - This is one of our strongest and most popular scents. If you enjoy the smell of a clean and refreshing dryer sheet, then this candle is a must have. Perfect for laundry rooms, bathrooms and anywhere else you want to smell fresh.

Black Raspberry Vanilla - A very sweet and juicy aroma that pairs Black Raspberries with sweet creamy vanilla. A sure winner!

Lavender Chamomile - A warm and mellow fragrance with hints of a floral bouquet, this scent is very conducive to utter peace and relaxation.

French Vanilla - This is another must have for any candle company, and our version of the warm and inviting French Vanilla is sure to have you turning your nose up at other company's attempts to recreate one of our specialty's.

Summer Night - A favorite for the Guys. It's a cologne type scent that is sure to please.

Caramel Pecan - This candle has a rich and inviting smell that will whisk you back to days of your childhood and Thanksgiving day dinners.

Root beer Float - As close the real thing as any candle we make. Creamy, Spicy, Sweet goodness in a jar.

Beach - A fusion of fresh picked orange blossoms, jasmine petals, coconut and ocean mist make this candle decidedly clean and refreshing.