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Tin "Can"dle collection. They contain 13 oz. of our special Soy/Paraffin blend of wax. We have paired our awesome scents with a wide variety of decorative labels. These will look great, and smell great in your home.

French Vanilla - Our warm and inviting, tried and true, French Vanilla fragrance in a decorative mini tin. This makes for a great stocking stuffer!

Smell My Nuts (Banana Nut Bread) - Delicious Banana Nut Bread fragrance in our hilarious squirrel mini tin

Hot Apple Pie  - This is our world famous Apple Pie fragrance in our 5 ounce mini tin candle. Cute as a button and smells amazing! Just like you're cookin' in the kitchen!

Root Beer Float - What more really needs to be said? This candle smells JUST LIKE ROOT BEER!

Fresh Baked Pies (Blueberry) - The great scent of freshly made Blueberry pie right out of the oven! Now it's available in our brand new Mini Tins with an awesome decorative label. This candle will look as good as it smells in any room! 5 oz. of our special soy/paraffin blend. Burns up to 35 hours.

The Beach - Our clean and refreshing Beach fragrance in a decorative mini tin.

Buttered Maple Syrup - The delightful aroma of sweet maple syrup in a decorative mini tin.

Homemade Sugar Cookie - Fresh baked cookies right out of the oven in our Holiday themed decorative mini tin.

Summer Night  - Our super popular masculine scented candle in our decorative mini tin.

Hot Buns - You can smell the creamy icing on a hot cinnamon bun - makes you want to go out a grab some cinnamon buns.

Blood Orange - Our delightfully citrus fragrance Blood Orange in a decorative mini tin.

Simply Lavender Aromatherapy Candle - Lavender is one of the best essential oils used for stress relief and is purported to eliminate feelings of irritability, nervousness and depression. Contains all natural essential oils and 100% soy wax.

Tea Tree Aromatherapy Candle - It is said that when Mother Nature creates a disease, she also creates the cure.Tea tree is one of the most extensively researched essential oils, and renowned as a cure-all for various internal maladies and external skin infections.. In addition to enhancing overall health by aiding with the removal of toxins within the body, the stimulant property of tea tree essential oil can boost one’s immune system.It also provides relief for those suffering from muscular aches, as well as cold and cough symptoms.