Tin "Can"dles

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We're proud of our new Tin "Can"dle collection. They contain 13 oz. of our special Soy/Paraffin blend of wax. We have paired our awesome scents with a wide variety of decorative labels. These will look great, and smell great in your home. Collect them all!


Rosie's Sweet Biscuits - This vintage label has been paired with our Hot Cinnamon Buns scent to give you an awesome candle both inside and out. Up to 100 hours of burn time, and one of our most popular scents. 13 oz. candle.

Our Blueberry Pie scent is in this 13 oz. Tin "Can"dle. Up to 100 hours burn time, a great looking label, and awesome blueberry scent throughout your home. You can't go wrong here!

This is our tried and true Caramel Pecan fragrance in our signature soy and paraffin wax blend. Sweet, but not too sweet, this is one of our most popular candles!

A vintage looking label for Moning Glory coffee, in this case it's Hazelnut coffee. Hazelnut scented tin candle with 13 oz. of burn time, and up to a 100 hour burn time.

Our famous Orange Creamsicle candle in a vintage decorative tin.

Ok, so its funny. It also smells fantastic! Cute pic of squirrels & nuts on the label. The inside contains the scent of Banana Nut Bread. Everyone is sure to love this one!

We have paired our Beach scent with this vintage looking salt water taffy label. Everything about this candle will take you to the shore in summertime. 

This Christmas Tin "Can"dle has it all! A holiday wreath scene on the outside with the sentiment Peace on Earth. On the inside is our very popular Cranberry Orange Spice scented wax. 13. oz